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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Story Contd...3 Days to Name and Fame

This post is a beginning for the end of my last post. Now my Grandpa was little scared to keep the mobile with him so it was in custody of my dad. Everyone was busy with their daily chores. It was evening time. All the male members of the family had gone to the neighbouring house for a feast (we call it Bhoj).Then suddenly the honourable mobile started ringing. Generally, I am very reluctant in picking up the phone calls but, somehow I picked this one. There was a person from customer care at the other end with an extra sweet (malai mar ke :-) ) tone .Bihari trying to become Umrican kind of accent.He started off with Good evening mam and asked me the mobile number which I was not knowing .I casually told him to give me 5 minutes of time to find the number because I was not the actual owner of the phone .Then all my younger sisters were running around to find a piece of paper where they had scribbled the number .Meantime the person at other end was constantly asking me where the actual owner was to which I responded saying the owner was in washroom (this is the general statement which I give over phone call when I want to buy time either to find the person or to convince the caller that once the person is back I will ensure that he gives a call back).After a lot of struggle somebody gave me the number written over the brown cover that is inside the outer cover of the Britannia biscuit pack a(the sugar coated one). What an idea madam ji .What a place to save the number .I should pat Anjani’s(youngest among us .daughter of my dad’s youngest brother) back for such an innovative idea to Go Green .So Now I was back to the person on the call I told him the number and by now he had started scolding me saying that madam aap hi fone chura li hai jab fone appka hai he nahi to aapke paas hai kyun .I was like what is this now?I told him that it is my grandpa's phone and he has gone to market you can give him a call in half an hour , by that time, he will be back .But the karamchand at other end was saying aap pehle soch lijiye owner washroom mein hai ya market mein .oh!! shucks I forgot that I had earlier told him owner is in wash room.He was elated finding a thief .I think, he was deciding which suit to wear for 2010 bravery award function.He was telling that madam ji hum to ye number band kar denge .I was shouting at my peak that dont you dare to do this other wise you will have to face the consequences. It is my grandpa's number and nothing should happen to this number. He banged the phone saying no one can save it from getting disconnected. From then to the time I was there at my house whoever passed by me, was giggling and asking me the same question ahi ke chor samajh leleak(Maithli Version )(He took you only as thief) ? and then the whole story was repeated to xyz whoever was standing nearby .Aaaaaaaah!!! what a name and fame I got in just 3 days .

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 Days to Name and Fame

It has been era writing a new post .I don’t know somehow I was so much busy dealing with the complexities of life that I just couldn’t do justice to my blog.
Last month I had gone to my native, madhubani (for people who don’t know, madhubani is a district in Bihar famous for its unmatched madhubani painting.) after some 6 years since my granny wished to meet me .Last time I had seen her was during my marriage .I still find her the same as she was when we were kids. I get nostalgic whenever I visit my granny's place. Earlier, the trip from Patna to my village used to be so tiring because of road conditions .During the entire trip we used to hold our tummy so as to prevent our intestine and stomach from dislocation. The only thing which we could eat during the trip was lemon so as to avoid puking because of uninterrupted jerking .I would like to sincerely thank Mr.Nitish Kumar for bothering about the state and for taking care of the nominal necessity of the people of state. The road was so good that city like Bangalore will envy it.
All my uncles and my cousins had come for a family get together so all in all it was a good trip. The essence of mobile phone for the first time I realized during my this visit There were lot of people around and some renovation work was going on .My dad has gifted my grand pa a Nokia handset .Landlines in my village take almost a month to get fixed. To be in uninterrupted touch with my grandparents my dad thought of this idea. There was lot of rush and somehow the mobile got misplaced .After a lot of search it was found in Rohit's room(my cousin) everyone was relieved. Next day the history was repeated .The mobile got misplaced but this time everyone was sure that it must somewhere here and there .But to my surprise after almost 1 hour of searching there was no clue where the mobile was .Gradually the game of lost and found was at its peek .Lot of people were now searching for it .sometimes back we had tried calling up but we could not find where it was ringing. After few hours , I thought of calling again and this time it was switched off. Now I was clueless either the phone got discharged or someone has taken my grandpa's precious possession. Discharging ,could not be a possibility since for 1 full day it was plugged for charging and nokias's battery life is unquestionable . So where did it go was a question. Last evening, My didi(my father's sister, we call our bua as didi) was straightening her back after a long tiring day when she had seen a person changing the lights of the room where the cell was getting charged. Our detective didi had made a conclusion.I tell you never ever question women's sixth sense they are always right on that. The contractor who had sent his man for the job was called and he was threatened that if in 30 minutes he doesn’t come with his man the next step would be to lodge a complaint against him. Meanwhile my dad had called the customer care for blocking the number. As, expected the contractor and the man arrived in less than 30 minutes .My dad told them that his friend was SP in police and if they don’t accept the truth he will call the police (old ways of scaring people) .The best part was when my dad used to call my number my granny used to prompt "No don’t do this, don’t call police now .Give them some time they will tell the truth .They are nice guys.” Somehow since he was not a professional thief, was just a poor person who got lured by an unattended phone, accepted his fault. To everyone’s delight we got our mobile back. By that time since the news of lost mobile had travelled lot of houses man y people had come to inquire .Also the grandpa of the person who had taken the mobile came to apologize to my dad .He was so obliged when my dad replied to all inquisitive visitors that mobile was not stolen but was misplaced by kids of our house. Since it’s a village and his business runs from people around and if you loose trust you loose your business. It was a happy ending for every one since we got our mobile back .But there is a twist it was not as happy for me as for others. Wait until my next post to know what happens next. TO BE CONTD......

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