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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adding a new dimension to my life.

It has been such a long time posting anything on my blog, all thanks to “the mental block”. Please don’t misinterpret it by thinking that right hemisphere of my cerebral cortex has gone on strike. The fact is, there are so many things to share but the days are so dull that I really need 1 lb of chocolates to get myself in a stable state (For those who don’t know : “Levels of phenyl ethylamine are high in chocolate. This chemical helps with increasing the heart rate and stimulates serotonin, dopamine and noradrenalin, all feel-good mood enhancers”). Unfortunately I cannot indulge in this sin since I have not been blessed with those miraculous metabolic system where whatever you eat just satiates your taste buds and leaves no proof of it on your body. To get out of this lethargic phase of my life I thought of making myself so busy that I don’t get time to analyze the complexities of Life. I want to do everything before I die since the most certain thing is the only uncertain thing to be predicted and this uncertainty is the driving force for me to get my hands on everything in my wish list Thanks to Honda Jazz tagline “One Life Why So Serious”. This desire of mine has led me to get enrolled in a driving school. It has jsut been 3 days but I am loving it and I hope by the time I end the course people on road will love it too (sigh!) .I am actually a god fearing person who believes in that, whatever you do in your life, at some point of time, comes back to you-The genius inside me has coined a term for it Boomerang theory .Keeping this in mind I promise to drive safe because someday I will also be walking down the lane.
Apart from acquiring a skill I have been benefited a lot from this.I have started getting up early in the morning.I have stopped fearing the learner vehicles with the driving school board bigger than car .Hey!! This is called as empathy. I have started believing, may be women are not that bad drivers as this male dominant society speaks of.It is a fun filled, adventurous 1 hr class .I bet if you just look at my facial expression during this 1 hr you will think I am driving a fighter plane .Actaully, on day1 when the instructor told me the concept of Accelerator, Break and clutch my genius mind again came into action and I thought damn easy man just like cycle .With right paddle you increase the speed so it is the accelerator .whenever you want to control the speed you just block the left pedal with your leg so that right pedal cannot increase more speed unless you unblock the left so this is the clutch and the breaks in the middle .After a brief payer asking god to save the world from me, I came into action and my eyeballs were rolling in surprise to find that it was not as easy as I was imagining .This is the reason you should not boast in your resume, the skills for which you don’t have a hands on. The tryst began and I took off .I felt so humiliated when found people 1 km ahead to give me way with a fear in their eyes. There was a sense of victory also because these are the people who are in such a hurry that they don’t let me cross the road and I get stuck in a hairline divider for long struggling for my life .The instructor was doing a serious business so was scolding me for every little mistakes I made may be because driving is a life critical project. The clutch break lesson has left a sprained foot for me and. I hope I get the technique right as soon as possible otherwise the sprain will turn into a fracture. Murphy law was in full form today .After coming back to home because of spilled water in my balcony I slipped and my thumb is hurting like hell now.Inspite of all odds I hope after this lessons I end up learning a decent driving. I am not in a hurry to participate in F1 racing .That can be taken up during my next birth after all I should have some interesting things to do in my each birth. With this I am signing off for the day. Wish me luck.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Saga

To break this blogger’s block syndrome I thought of posting today. This weekend was normal, nothing great happened. To kill the boredom we two idiots were bearing each other .one being me and other being my idiot box. During the course of browsing the channels, I came across the second season of Dus Ka Dum. Irrespective of his spoilt brat image and not so successful last few movies, there is something about this six pack muscle man which forces you to watch him. Believe me irrespective of kapoor sisters the only thing to watch in this show was Salman Khan. He has that honesty and wit to hold his audience and force them to listen to him. His humour is just outstanding and any normal man can relate to him.
The other show worth watching was Dance India Dance. Since childhood I have passion for dancing .The participants in this show are treat to eyes. The only shows where you get to see quality Dancing is Boogie Woogie and Dance India Dance. Dance India Dance is one show that has taken Zee TV to new heights and has managed to bridge the TRP gaps with Star plus and Colors. Salman emerged as the winner though Alisha and siddesh were equally good .This is the time when 10% fate comes into picture.
There was finale for Jhalak Dikh laja season 3.Even though Gauhar khan is an exceptionally good dancer the winner was Baichung Bhutia. His victory has not only been backed by improved performance but also the rain of sms’es from his home town .Whatever you do whatever you say India will never get out of this mould of favoritisms. Everyone has a right to have their favorites but favouratism based on color caste and creed is not good for a country. Several women from an organization chipped in with Rs.30, 000 to buy mobile prepaid cards so that they could facilitate 10,000 SMS votes for Bhutia last week. Another campaign was undertaken by a social organization that had set up a massive tent in Sikkim to conduct mass voting. Many booths were also set up in various localities in and around the state and neighboring West Bengal hills to boost Bhutia’s vote count. But, what more can you expect from citizens of a country who cannot elect a good leader for themselves. It is just a Dance show.It is not the politicians who divide us it is our urge to live divided. Though, this time elections results were pretty unexpected. Aam aadmi is awakened now .Indians have stood for secularism .Caste driven state like Bihar and UP has also seen turmoil against regionalism .I hope this ripple effect continues and from now on we elect deserving people in reality shows also and this election was not fluke but something which was consciously done by our people.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

For every problem under the sun,
There is a solution or there is none.
If there is one then go for it.
If there is none then forget it

These lines have always been in back of my mind through all this years.
I always wanted to follow this but somehow, I believe my conviction to abide by was not strong and so every trivial thing in this world used to bother me.
God has his own way to teach us .So he tought of putting me into the hardest of trials he could think of .I am happy that I am in his list of favorites because it’s a belief that he tests those, whom he loves the most .Though its not easy to handle his way of showing the affection. With so many problems around and such a small life to live it’s bit difficult to worry about all the bad things happening and easy to relish all the good things happening.
Life is not that complicated if you stop analyzing and start living it .Worrying is just a habit, a bad one .So friends get rid of it and you will be happy for ever. What has to happen is bound to happen but worrying and suffering is the choice we make .Everyone has their share of problem but its just matter of perception that brings you out of it .Life gives you lemon, its in your hand to make lemonade out of it .Problems and experience are the best teacher they make you strong and enhance your endurance. Dare to dream and dare to fulfill it .Follow your heart because eyes give you sight but heart gives you insight. Follow the compass not the clock. Count the steps taken rather then steps to be taken. Life is wonderful if you know the art to live it. Just ROCK ON!!
No Bakwas,
Seedhi seedhi baat,
Zindagi hai khas,
Raho Bindaas.
Zindgai ka kya bharosa,
De jaye kab ye dhoka,
Chodo na koi bhi mauka
Har ball pe maro chuaka.
Mushkil to aani jani hai
2 pal ki zindagani hai
Jo jee le is pal ko wo hi
raja aur rani hai.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Is pyaar ko mein kya naam doon

I was going through my orkut profile which has not been updated since ages. Contrast to my general behavior of getting bored too soon by anything which is constant, I am surprised how I did I forget this. Am I behaving abnormal these days? Anwyas will save my abnormalities for some other post. While going through the profile I came across one of attributes “five things you cannot live without” .I have read many of profiles with witty answers .But somehow the only thing which came into my mind (apart from inevitable necessities like air, water, food) was “GOOGLE”. In my scariest of dream I cannot think a life without Google. Majority of the software industry will come to a halt if the developers are devoid of their basic rights of googling. I think my blood has RBC; WBC and google .It has helped me out in every thick and thin of my life. From potpourri to fashion, I have just one genius to consult just a click away and that is google. The other day papa and myself were talking about exercise regime .We both bought treadmills together, actually we love being competitors .I could do nothing other than laugh when he told me that even though he works hard he is not able to get the six packs abdomen .so he asked me to google out the ways in which he can get those. In month of January my mother had undergone a major surgery .She was advised bed rest .One day she called me saying “I am fed of lying in this bed. Can you please google and find out how many days it takes to recover after the surgery? one of chotu’s friends who has completed his MBBS called up complaining that his patients come so prepared by googling their symptoms that it is becoming difficult for him to handle .I know many of us have tried the alternate solutions to Google, I don’t comment on how good or bad they are but one thing is sure Google is in our blood now and it is inevitable to live without it.Welcome to Google World and Don’t be evil.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A real and imaginary make complex …

It has been 2 days of break from blogging. Attributing the disappearance to, lack of ideas worth sharing. In the struggle for finding a topic I realized an interesting thing, most of us are suffering from what I call, multiple personality syndrome. It was getting complex to bring in an idea that could make my blogs as interesting as the top rated blogs and for that I was loosing on my thinking capabilities. Additionally, I was trying to camouflage my ideas that could not reflect the real me. This thought, triggered a question by my inner me, do I really know who exactly I am? Most of time we really forget who we really are. We surrender ourselves to our stronger opponent “the circumstances”. Then, we start convincing ourselves that perhaps this is what we indeed are. This is point where life becomes pointless and the self destruction begins. We loose on the mere objective of life. We suppress our needs to become real through out our life time, to pursue what we are told to be in our best of interest.

Since childhood majority of us are forced to be all rounders so that it can give our parents a social boost. This leads to a “matured” child .But my worry is, immaturity is essence of being a child .Why are we challenging the very behavior of being a child? This is biggest problem our society is facing right now.We have children who are not old enough to be adults and so matured that they are not young enough to be child. Above all, we are deceiving them by giving them a false hope of having a happy life in long time. But Alas! in all this we forget one thing they did not learn what being happy is,because they never had an opportunity to be so .They have ceased to be happy .They are happy to please you ,you as a parent ,you as a society and you who has created so many human robots.
Then comes the phase when we have to traverse the road ahead in life in search of true love, perfect marriage, and satisfying job. In search of true love we come across someone who is visually appealing .Then we try hard to metamorphose ourselves to a person of his/her like. Subsequently, we are happy to live a masked life.

Then we start struggling to find our means of living .In doing so we forget our passion, we forget what we are best at and just start believing in what people want us to believe. We do everything to make others happy .Everyday I find people, including me, cribbing about the work, the circumstances etc. But, few have the gut to follow their heart.

But have we ever stopped to think for how long we can pretend to be who we are not? Imitations tend to loose the shine .The cracks will start appearing and this is the beginning of end. Before it’s too late, start living your life your way .Happiness will follow thereafter. Enjoy and be happy because, life is too short to be sad.

BTW, as suggested by the best critic of my blog, Gaurav(He is the one who enlightened me with an idea to start Blogging), I have made a first attempt to get out of the “ME” centric posts .Friends please feel free to pour in your comments !!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another brick in the wall...

Today was a special day .Special because; it was different .Different, because it was one of the days of vella panti. Unfortunately, my brain goes to hibernation as soon as it senses it has no work. This leads to a lethargic me.pheeew! These days there is nothing much happening in life to be ecastic about but a happy soul like me always find a reason to smile.Normally, I never have an option other than going back home and concentrating on finding some means of survival, in my fridge i.e. getting ready for preparing the dinner. Cooking is my second passion first being shopping ,so I don’t believe in shortcuts as far as food is concerned .Today I was leaving bit early . So life was giving me option to pursue my first passion. Sigh! This was the reason of my happiness.
Main apni sabse favorite hoon (courtesy Karenna Kapoor).I love being with myself .Its not that I hate hanging around with people but even if I don’t have a company, life seems to be as perfect as it should be.
I was heading to my mission “shopping” after a not so hectic day .But Alas! Indra devta had something else planned for me .He just poured his blessing on to me in the form of rain. I believe this is God’s favorite pass time, to conspire against my wishes. Till now my lips which were symbolizing mathematical union got transformed into intersection .I had no other choice other than taking shelter under the bus stop. I don’t exactly remember from where but, during my childhood I had heard one story (I don’t guarantee the authenticity) .It goes like, we will come across all the people whom we have met during our previous birth. The bus stop was jam packed .But I managed to scan all the faces just to check whom all did I meet in my previous birth.
There was not a single auto and more over I just hate these autowallahas in Bangalore. They don’t understand that we also work equally hard to earn a single penny. Above all, you go to any place in the city they will charge you some 20 or 30 Rs extra giving a reasoning that they will have to come back empty all the way .Commo’n what do they expect that wherever I go I should keep a person arranged who can come back in his auto so that he doesn’t feel lonely. Grin!!
Anyways, after a long 40 minutes wait when it was drizzling I decided to move ahead towards my home but boy! It started raining like cats and dogs .I was drenched. Now what I fear the most happened, I sneezed .oh!! No, it is better to have fever than to have cold and cough, I just hate those drainy eyes and unmanageable nose. Again I had to take shelter in a shop.The shop had an asbestos roof .The rain was falling chama cham cham, It was music to my ears .I had started loving it ,I told you happy souls like me find reason to smile. Then I realized what a lovely day it was .oh!! I didn’t notice there was smell of wet mud .I love that smell, I guess this is universally loved fragrance. I have heard that scotch also tastes the same .I have a hidden desire of tasting it. Sigh!! Hope some non alcoholic beverage is launched with same flavor before I get my hands dirty .After a 30 minutes wait in this novelty shop ,I had to surrender my ego to the circumstances and I waved to an auto wallah who dropped me at my doorsteps .
To make my day complete I enjoyed pyaz ke pakore with adrak wali chai made by the second best chef in this world .No prize for guessing its me ,first being my mom .
All in all it was a good day because all is well that ends well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eternal Love

India and I share at least one thing in common that we have Delhi in our hearts. I am proud to be a Delhite. It’s a everlasting relationship which I love to carry out till my last breath .I was born there and would wish to die there .It is just a place for some but for me its reason for me being me. I was equally sad to leave my mummy's home and Delhi after marriage . I still get nostalgic when I go down the memory lane thinking of all the good and not so good times that I have spent .The air, land, water of this place makes me feel more confident, more robust and much happier as a person. Shifting to Bangalore was luck by chance and I hope if luck gives me a choice I will go back to Dilli, this is what I love to call it.
I realized actual love for Dilli when I came to Bangalore. Rightly said, distance makes love profound. I miss everything about her, every moment. The days of struggle when I was studying and the happy days after I got a job.
The day used to start standing in the balcony glaring at aunties in nightgown with duppata and not so common health freak aunties with additional sneakers on. Inspired by Chotu(my lil sister, world knows her as charu, and she is thankful to our parents that they did not ask my opinion on her naming ceremony J ) who used to get ready for school much earlier than me ,I used to drag myself to get ready for school. I used to follow the HDFC tag line since my child hood “sar utha key jiyo”, so I never took pain of untying my shoelaces and somehow managed to slip into it with tied laces. We used to have our uniform checked during our morning school assembly by not so polite PT teacher, which I always passed .All thanks to chotu for polishing my shoes and Mummy for arranging my uniform from tie to socks. After all this hard work, somehow we managed to reach school on time. This daily chores of our has one interesting story associated with it. That morning was usual morning everything was happening as it used to happen .chotu was ready for school I was still struggling and trying my best to get ready. Whole of our trip in rickshaw was full of naggings from chotu to me .Thank god she inherited genes of height from papa so it was difficult for people to identify who was younger and it saved me from embarrassment of rickshaw wala bhaiya all the way to school. As soon as we reached school we could feel the calmness beyond our expectations .Then I realized, I roared, I was proud of my accomplishments that I made much earlier than time at least once in my school life. I was happy and was proudly moving into the main gate of the school .Oh! The good time don’t last long (though bad also don’t, I believe in this because I don’t have any other choice), chotu was screaming, god has tuned her to the highest pitch available in vocal chord .This time we were so late that the first class had started and all the students were in the class .Poor chotu ,she had to surrender her diary to our PT teacher so that our not so polite teacher could do what she was best at doing, writing a complaint for latecomers addressed to parents. There are many such memories of my childhood for which I think writing a book will be a better idea, what if I am not a celebrity I still have a freedom to write an autobiography. Every priceless memory of mine took place in the backdrop of dilli so she is so close to my heart.
As I was growing up I started to dream of becoming a Doctor. My papa was bit hyperactive and after VIII std. itself he brought a Medical guide for Biology, required for exam preparation .Poor me L . You will be surprised to know that book had just MCQ’s and I was forced to mug up the answers at least 20 every day. I think he wanted to finish off with his job of providing me the bricks; anyways castle had to be built by me. Irrespective of the fact ,I liked it or not I was forced to join each and every course material say it ,Brilliant for medical,Aggarwal for Engg.FITJEE and all the names you can think of.Every chronicle, physics today ,Mathematics today etc related to any kind of entrance used to come at our doorstep. By the way he had a hidden desire of making me prepare for civil services also . So Now what do you think, what would have happened as end result? All dreams don’t come true and this was one of them .Neither did not I become a Doctor nor an Engineer .No regrets for that. All thanks to papa that he made me opt for B.Sc Electronics (H) from DU .To my surprise I topped Delhi University .But I deserved it since I had worked very hard for it .So in all these things, one good thing happened. I have grown so strong that after every failure I fight back with a hope that success will follow.
College ended what next? Thanks to my papa again he had his plans ready .He made me to appear for MCA entrance .I cleared IP university exams and joined one of the Govt. Colleges, BPIBS .We were some odd 30 classmates . I had some rules laid by papa to follow in my life .Abiding by those rules meant, I had to go back directly to home after the college so I did not spend those after the college chit chat hours with my classmates .Still I hope they don’t hate me .But no regrets here also .I started doing trainings quite early in my life. After the first year of MCA I had joined TCS did my summer training. Then in second year I joined Cosmic Infotech .Before formally entering the corporate world I was aware of what professionalism is all about. During this time I realized what actual life is .I still get nostalgic when I think about those wait time at the bus stop waiting for some overly crowded DTC bus to come which now I find surprising that how could I manage to handle such a nerve racking journey .It used to be an adventurous trip, someone watching the bus from outside could never tell which hand belonged to which body, every hand trying to find a place on the rods at bus roof. The theory of survival of the fittest I hope was actually meant for the buses in dilli.
We passed out of college and I joined Siemens, Gurgaon, as a 6 month MCA trainee, Thanks to Ranjan, he forwarded my resume there. I really worked hard during those days .Those were the days which laid a solid foundation in my life .My life was enjoyable there .Thanks to Aman. The best part used to be the journey back to home in bus. Thanks to Prateek. I was not getting any stipend .I had to really work very hard but believe me I never used to bunk a single day. It really honed my technical skills which I think was not possible anywhere else. So thanks to my first mentors in Siemens Abhishek, Nilanjan Sengupta & Amrut Nayak. The HR policy came in between .They had a policy of keeping people as contractual employee for 6 months and then make them permanent .I never had time to search for Job .But now I was disappointed .so I took Times ascent found a vacancy for freshers at HCL Technologies Noida. I cleared every round and gosh I had a job in hand. I resigned from Siemens. I was happy to know that I had become so indispensable that they were ready to keep me at any cost .But I had already decided to join HCL the greatest factor being distance. I had to travel 42 kms one way to reach Siemens .HCL was just half an hour drive.
Dilli ,you are the reason for me being me .You provided me an opportunity , an alternate path after every failure ,you made me strong ,more independent ,more robust ,more sensible and I really love you for that.
Now my journey at HCL begins .My first formal Job which fetched me my first salary. I still remember the Pizza hut party which mom and I had after I got my first salary .The memories of those days are priceless .Thanks to Jitin sir,Puneet Sir,Himank,Sunit,Mili,Kamal ,Rahul,Rudranil .Now HCL gave me the independence to enjoy the real Dilli,I had enough salary to enjoy my life at fullest .
I miss those days when mom and I used to stroll in Lajpat Nagar, Amar Colony to satiate our thirst for shopping .The Dilli chat is unmatchable.You can get anything anywhere but for this you will have to visit Dilli. Those lip smacking seekh kabab behind the state bank in Mayur Vihar, the south Indian dishes at sagar ratnam, the lal kila ,chnadni chowk ,nai srak I owe lot of my knowledge to this place since this is the place where I got every kind of book at best price.Papa had one more rule for us always study from new book no second hands , the gup shup session at MC Donalds,my aerobics classes after the office hours . I miss the coffee hours at Barista. I miss the chit chat session with Himank. I miss those comments which I got after wearing the nose pin for the first time. I miss those comments which I loved to get after I lost few pounds. I miss everything and everyone.
These memories make my love stronger for Dilli.
Khuda ne chaha to hum phir milenge, Aakhri sanse Teri baho mein lenge.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Women's Addiction

When anyone speaks of addiction the first thing which comes to my mind is smoking .Not going by statistics ,I somehow feel this addiction is more prevalent in males .Have you ever thought of what is the most common addiction among the fairer sex. Being a female it was bit easier for me to identify that we women are addicted to "Purse/handbag”, call them whatever you like .Surprised! Initially, this thought was a surprise for me too .But honestly speaking, more than a necessity, it is an addiction for us and style quotient for many, like me .We carry our world in it .You can find everything inside it of archaeological interest from old grocery list to phone numbers, addresses, brochures, fliers, all kind of wanted and unwanted scribbling . It requires a whole day to organize the clutter. Bigger the size, smaller it seems .To save time on finding required thing at required time I think, I should maintain a separate list of all the dumped treasure of mine. Every time when I plan a detoxification regime for my purse, I take an oath that from now on I will tear off unnecessary items .To my surprise as soon as I get a next opportunity to comply with my oath somehow, I forget my oath and again make a museum into my purse. Sometimes I am really happy about the possession I have ,because last time while cleaning my purse I got a Pizza Hut bill ,it reminded me of the day when mom and myself had gone to Pizza Hut of Sector 18 ,centre stage mall,Noida to celebrate my first salary . I understand that we are genetically programmed to have all our beauty enhancements from hand brush to lipsticks to perfumes, in our purse but I fail to understand why we have to put all the shopping receipts into it. We are so possessive about our relationship with our purse that, sometimes though willing, we do not leave them because we cannot betray them .Love them or hate them the fact is we cannot live without them! Don't you think this addiction is more intensive than smoking .But one thing is great about this addiction they are not injurious to health.

Welcome to Insight!!

Generally ,I am never pleased by doing things which everyone in crowd does .Somehow I decided to join the crowd and start blogging and believe me I am so pleased to do it.Since childhood I always had a hidden flair for writing but somehow could never get into the spirit of active writing.This is my first endeavour in this direction so I am open to criticism for the betterment of my blog .Happy Reading!!!!!!!

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