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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A little care !

We have  the power to make the difference .It need not be big.It has to be honest
These flowers have been picked up from ground when they had fallen off from the tree at night.
Nothing much has been done . Few have been taken care by putting them in water and other has been discarded without any care .Look at the first one they are blooming even after 3 days.
A little care can make lot of difference.It can make world a much better place .

Saturday, February 3, 2018

After a long gap,here I come!

It has been ages since I have written anything in my blog.Its not cool to have a blog and abandon it.Writing has always been therapeutic for me but I don't know when did I strayed away from writing.
I am resuming my blog again today .Writing is the one of the means by which one can connect to oneself..Writing can transport you to different places .It could relieve you emotionally.It a process to vent out your feeling.

Life is too short to waste .It is too short to be critical and judgemental about people Everyone is fighting their own battle in the best of their capabilities .Life and death is certain .Journey in between is what matters and defines you as an individual.With time I have realized you  are as vulnerable as you feel .Feel beautiful,feel strong because there is nothing greater than self worth.Every equation will change with time some will be stronger some will fade but equation with self will always be same.You and only you are solely responsible for your life .Don't find punching bags and reason to off load the out come of your decisions.Take charge of your life .Act now.Because there is no time better than now .Motivation is overrated and commitment is underrated .You might attend hundreds of seminars ,talk ,read thousands of articles but if you are not committed to your goal nothing is gonna happen .People say live big I feel, die big.

One thing that I like about actor/actresses is that they have such an impact that even if they are gone you don't feel their absence.Their work lives ages after that.You tend to forget their physical presence and absence . They live  through their work.That's what human life is meant for .

My quest for finding that purpose begins .Lets make life purpose full.Lets be human.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


It has been quite long that I left this space and did not even realize that it has been so long.There was a discussion today where someone mentioned you need to break the brick walls to cross it .you can't keep staring at it to move ahead.Comebacks are always difficult because you always find an excuse to procrastinate it.Finally,I am back .I hope to continue the journey uninterrupted .

There is one discussion that I keep coming across most of the times.We always have reasons for not following our dreams.And we always have reasons why some people would have successfully done it.We always feel that grass is greener  on other and we never bother to  know the journey that others would have gone through to achieve their dreams

My take on this is one not doing something is not because of circumstances it is foremost because of  
lack of conviction /drive.Until we don't realize that its just one life ,every second passed is gone.We won't start.I don't think successful people would have made it easily. they would have faced greater challenges & bigger risks .Only thing  that makes a difference if that your dream should overpower you challenges.

Secondly,we are so comfortable in our existing zones that we are scared to loose that comfort.

Since,there is no sense of urgency and so we never bother to take a plunge but the fact is until we don't create a now or never sense of urgency, things will not work.

There can be no external trigger to get  one started it our heart's calling that we need to respond to.

We become what we think-we need to invest time to think about the steps that we need to take to convert our dreams to reality.

There is nothing called as right time ,those are just excuses to pull ourselves back from achieving our dreams .
Also,too many ideas also will not take us anywhere.We need to streamline our goal and idea and just focus one one goal. I need to learn this.This the ultimate success strategy.

Above everything have some fitness goal because healthy body can have healthy mind and that can give tremendous results.

I am also in process of learning these things and hopefully at end of the journey i will have no regrets and would have lived life queen size.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Down the memory lane....

I was just passing by a church this weekend which reminded me of my childhood days. I have spent a year or so in a convent school.  In such a short span of time I have lot of memories attached but few of them are unforgettable.
Our regime was fixed for six days of week .Sunday being a holiday used to be different and special. Special because we used to get Non Veg on Sunday. Though I am a chicken and fish lover, I used to eat egg since someone said they used to serve beef in name of chicken. Later I left eating egg also since it used to be quite big in size than normal ones. One day while wandering in the campus we found some ducks and turkeys being reared in one part. So, we figured out the source of eggs. All was not bad we used to get to watch movies on Sunday.VCR was in boys hostel so you could find girls in their best attire even for that matter borrowed one also could do .After all you were allowed to go in the restricted zone. All was not bad .In evening we used to get samosa with bun .They used be really yum. On other days, we used to get up early around 5:30 .Sister used to do the rounds with the hand bell ringing across to wake up the girls. The round was done twice and in second round if somebody was found sleeping she used to use her cane on the sole of the sleeping beauties .After getting up we were supposed to make our beds properly. The last step of making bed involved using the bed cover to cover our bed. Some girls who thought they could save time by just ignoring the previous steps and jump straight to  last step used to get canes because sister used to do other rounds to check the beds :-).After completing the morning rituals our day used to start .some girls used to ditch bathing to get that extra 5 minutes of sleep .Here sister used to never catch us because  girls know all means to look pretty :-P .By 6:00 we used to form a queue with half eyes closed to go to chapel .This was mandatory. We like zombies in half sleep used to just go and sit on floor. Some enthusiastic girls used to sing the prayers.BTW we used to have evening practice session for these songs. I don't remember a single day when I was awake for the entire duration of the prayer. Usually I used to get up after everyone was given the bread and the wine (I guess its called Communion/Eucharist). One fine day I was awake just at time when this was happening .I could see few (to be specific 2) of my class mates also in the queue and I observed they were getting something to eat. Oh!! How could I miss something to eat..I just stood in the queue to get my share. I was standing just ahead of my warden .It was a long queue .I was getting impatient. I thought of asking the warden what was being given .I am little selective in food matters :-).I turned around and asked her Mother what is it that we are getting to eat ?As soon as she saw me she was speechless ,dumbstruck. After a fraction of second I heard , Runa,Just leave .Her face was red with anger. I couldn't understand what had happened and what wrong did I do ?After everyone came back from church one of my Christian friend said that only Christian can  have that holy bread and wine .And when non Christian get converted they take the first Holy Communion .In short she said I would have got converted to Christian (rolling eyes).
I was very fond of playing football but I could never convince any girl to play with me they used to say its Boys game. So I thought better I will play with boys.Inital two days were fun. On third days I was called by the warden to warn me that girls are not supposed to play with boys. You will hurt yourself .You have so many girls in your hostel why do you need to play with them. Now i couldn't understand when we can study together why can't we play together.Anyways, I stared playing with the girls some stupid games like business,pitto(seven stones),chupan chupai (hide and seek) or where you catch others  being blindfolded. Since this involved some running I was kind of ok.Anywyas, I had no choice. Our hostel had some walls with gravels engraved for design. So we were playing the blindfolded game .Pallavi was blindfolded and we were running suddenly she ran towards someone and that someone escaped and she just banged her face on the gravel engraved wall. Gosh!! blood started oozing out from her lips.we had to take her to hospital she got stitches but I just asked mother(our warden) one thing you said that we will hurt our self if we play with boys, even playing with girls is not safe .I didn't get a response just a blank and angry stare.

The worst part of any hostel is food. We used to get pathetic food. We were forced to eat 3 chapattis with watery daal and beans.
Only on Sunday this combo used to change. Our ritual was just go round the table singing sapera bean baaje bean baaje ..then fold the bean in chapatti hide it in our pockets drink the daal go out and throw the combo across the back wall. Now you will think how we were surviving. We were smart. There were lots of techniques. We used to get some snacks form home.Haldiarm Bhujia became my favorite from hostel days. Then we had good friends among boys who used to jump across the hostel wall to get chaat(mostly churmur chaat/pani puri). Best technique was ,we had got empty lunch boxes from our home. we had only lady teachers in our hostel .Their mess was in our hostel itself. Their food was too good .so we had come to a state of beg borrow or steal. we used to fill each lunch boxes with the food from teachers mess after they were done with the dinner.

Living in hostel had made me more methodological in some things .I used take bath very early .I used to keep everything clean. We used to get our clothes washed every weekend. Clean our white shoes. Polish them after drying them up. Keep the black shoes ready every night with the set of clothes to be worn next day. Make your bed as soon as you get up. Arrange your book shelves every weekend. Ensure that books and note books are covered properly and if torn replace with new one immediately. Amongst all these things where was the time to study?  But who cared? Parents used to get the mark sheet that too in psotcard.i can understand how embarrassing it would have been for my father to receive such a postcard at his bank address (Sigh!!).

Thank god I didn't stay for long over there otherwise I am not sure academically what i would have done.Anyways, when I used to go back home i used just pick things lying arounf ehre and there telling my mom you should keep the place clean.Poor mom used to just listen .Then in evening she was actually shocked more than surprised when I had lit a candle instead of agarbatti and called my sister along with me to sing Pita hamare jo swarg mein hai..On hearing this mom just screamed that what are you singing...I couldn't understand her reaction at first then later realized the problem and told her that this song is referring to Jesus as pita ...

Always, since I was going nowhere being in that school mom and dad decided to pull me out and then they decided to put both me and my sister in central school so that any such damage could be avoided .Since my dad was in bank and transfer was inevitable so central school was best choice .Do you guys have any similar childhood stories? Please share. It is fun to go down the memory lane...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Extreme Obsession

There were guest last weekend at our house. Actually, one of our relative had come with his daughter who was appearing for COMED examination which is an common entrance for medical and engineering colleges in Karnataka. She has done her preparation by staying in Kota.
During our casual chat she briefed me about the process of preparation that happens when you stay in Kota Students who go to Kota don't attend school for XI  and XII.Their only aim is to concentrate on IIT/AIIMS or colleges in similar category.
I was shocked to hear that students just take admissions in colleges and school for namesake and for XII they don't even have exams and since XII is boards, these schools, which you have never seen make an  arrangement  so that you get an admit card and you just go to center and appear for the board exams .
She is fortunate to be a daughter of a professor so she had taken admission in his college and she could manage to avoid school. Even if you are not kin and kith of a professor you need not worry .The coaching center where you take admission provide you with list of dummy schools where you can get admission and just appear for boards. I was shocked to see the condition of education system in our country and obsession of parents and students. Where is our country heading to? The day the child is born parents have a vision of seeing him/her in IIT/AIIMS.
As a matter of fact, some 35 institutes have mushroomed in Kota which has led to decline in quality of the system.The number of students getting selected has reduced a lot though obsession has not.
I was shocked to know that kids form 6 th standard start going to kota for preparation. I am not sure that kid at age 10-11 will actually know what IIT means .Why such an obsession ?obviously the child at age of 10 can’t be so obsessed so it would be his parents. Why you have to make your kid as source of your unfulfilled desires or a source of showing off to society .Why can’t we concentrate on giving the child good values ,good education and a happy life so that he /she can choose what are their dreams.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random writing..

These day I have come across a strange thing in Bangalore which earlier was never there.I have come across lot of eunuchs at traffic signal these days.I guess the ritual of eunuchs visiting your house on the happy occasion of marriage ,child birth etc. will come in short while .I still remember the stories that I grew up listening to when I was in Delhi .People used to say it is a bad omen to say no to any demands these eunuchs   made during the occasions.After lot of negotiations both party the giver and taker will settle down for a decent figure that will make everyone happy .In fact,in Delhi you will come across many of them who are just more than what you say as well to do.
I was just wondering that what has made these people to go into such kind of profession and because of ease with which they get the money I think many fake eunuchs have grown in number .Why we as a society have not stopped this.I never see a single place where these people get employed.I have not seen any schools where you find these people as student.Babies are abandoned to live a life of hardship to grow only into a adult who have no purpose in life  or just money making as purpose and do what with that ?What is their fault if they are born like the way they are?I was just wondering why can't they be employed in police force and army ?Who are we to decide what should be a fate of an individual ?Why all basic rights that are given to others are not applicable to them ?I am not sure, but,  is it not a violation of human rights.We always count only female and male when we talk about gender equality what about these people?

Just a random thought that came to my mind.What do you say ?What is wrong and what can be changed ?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heart over Head

Bhatia uncle and aunty have been our neighbours before I was born.I still remember since my kinder garden days Bhatia uncle used to bring toffees for me which I used to tightly secure in my tiny hands untill my hands used to get coated with the sugar melted from toffee because of heat genreated in the enclosed fist .I shared a special bond with Bhatia uncle maybe becuase I lost my father at a tender age of two.We used to live in sarojini nagar .Ma used to run a small dress material shop called  "Pehnava fashions" in Babu Mraket .I always heard stories from my mother that our store was never so small.It was a huge shop with all latest desgins salwar kammeez.A big Ganesha idol at the entrance,a big chandelier on the cieling .The entire shop used to glitter with all lovely colors.Aunties from all over Delhi used to flock our shop saying lala ji ,there is no shop better than yours.Our shop was best known for its customer service.Bauji always followed the mantra customer is king .From shinkajavi in summers to hot badam milk in winter ,customers were served drinks irrespective of they bought anything or not.Bauji was very kind towards his employees also.He was always there for his employees be it their daughter's wedding or thier son's admission.I remember Ma
saying once that he had helped Bhatia Uncle also for aunty's treatment.This was the reason that Bhatia uncle respected my parents a lot.
No one can change the destiny.One day suddenly Bauji had a paralytic attack .He was bed ridden .So many japs and yags were done but nothing changed.My mother was pregnant with me .No one was there to take care of shop.Gradually, the shop started making losses.Money was spent like water for bauji's treatment but all in vain.God was busy helping others. He stopped hearing our prayers.Then, i was born.Life was getting tougher day by day for Ma.I turned 2 and one day Bauji lost his battle of life.I don't remember everything but I still remember from that day Ma had become pale .I have never seen any colour on her .Since that day,I have never seen her laughing.Buaji used to tell her ,Gulabi(pink) suits you the best.I asked her, Ma,why don't you wear gulabi these days.She used to never reply.Life has to move on .She had to sell our shop to repay the debt .I was standing behind her grabbing the corner of her offwhite duppatta.seeing from the corner of my eyes, all the things getting loaded in truck.Ma was standing dumbstruck with no emotions .She never cried nor she laughed she had lost sense of all emotions.At last, they loaded Ganpati. In a feeble voice,I asked,Ma why are they taking our bhagwan? Ma said,Bhagwan dosen't want to stay with us.Saying that,she stromed into the house.
Bhatia Uncle's was getting older ahead of his age .I could see his wrinkled forehead .He was stressed because of Kanchan di';s marriage and Rajbeers admission to a good engineering college.I was 10 at that time when Ma had asked me to check the overhead tank because there was no water supply in our house but rest of houses had no problem.When I had gone on terrace I saw Rajbeer sniffing some powder .I didn't understand what was it .He just growled at me .I could see red eyes of his and was scared to death and came running down and locked myself into the couldn't understand what had happened .I did not had
courage to tell this to anyone.Once I had seen Kanchan di with a boy on a bike.She was too awkwardly close to him.I didn't mention this also to anyone.I was too shy and scared to talk.
I knew that Bhatia aunty never liked me.Infact kanchan di and rajbeer also didn't like me.Aunty always used to make faces whenever Bhatia uncle took me to his house on Sunday to have round and big aaloo paratha with lots of white butter and a glass of lassi.I always awaited for sunday because of this scrumptious meal.Aunty never served me happily she used to just pass the plate sliding over the table and to put down the glass with bang and also the butter she put on Kanchan didi's palte and Rajbeer's plate was much more than what I got .My tiny eyes used to just compare the quantity but could never understand the indifference.I could never understand why aunty used to start screaming for everything as soon as I entered the house.But, I never cared untill my stomach was full.Bhatia uncle used to go out of station for some days and during thsoe sundays I used to just stand near the door of uncle's house as soon as I used to smell ghee for frying the parathas.But I never dared to enter inside.I used to stand there biting my lips with a hope that may be aunty will call me for the parathas but when she saw me standing she just banged the door on my face.I went running inside my house.Ma also had very less conversation with aunty.Only talk used to happen when aunty used to leave home snd there was no one at house she used to handover the keys to my ma so that if uncle returns back home early he can take the keys.
I am grown up now .I am 15 now.I have board exams this year.Bhatia Uncle sometimes helps me with mathematics.Though now I have stopped going for sunday parathas.Now I can understand that aunty doesn't like me and so even after lot of persuasion from Uncle I refuse to go.Whenever I am sad, I go to park near our locality .The corner where I sit is quite isolated .No one comes over there .I feel relaxed sitting there thinking about all things that has happened in the gone by years. .One day I hear a hushing sound of two people conversing with each other.They are talking about some illegal tender to be passed .I recognize one of the voice but I am  confused.After thinking for a while ,I guess,  I know this voice.
I came back home.I am standing in my balcony thinking how to confirm if I am right. Just then I see bhatia uncle coming on his Vespa.After thinking for a while,I just go to the back of his house where I can see uncle and aunty talking in a low voice.Uncle says, Preeto ,this is the first and last time I am doing something wrong but I will have to do it to give my children a better future.He hands over a huge bundle of money to aunty to keep it safe.She is very happy with the proceedings.Bhatia uncles steps out again .I can see tiny droplets of sweat on his forehead. I see aunty is busy  palnning to hide the money and I am watching all these things dumb struck.I see aunty UN-stitching one of the cotton stuffed mattress.She stuffs all money into it rolls it and keep it in the store room.I am scared to witness all these things but I am not able to tell this to anyone.I have become quiet these days.I am worried.I have an intution that Bhatia uncle will get into some kind of trouble.
One day when aunty is out for her kitty party and Rajdeep and Kanchan Di are also not there and as usual aunty hand over the keys to Ma giving her strict instructions to keep it safe .I was not sure should I do it or  not.But my instincts says,I have to do it.Somehow,I manage to slip the keys from the drawer.I opened Bhatia uncle's house,went straight into the store room, took the money out,arranged everything as before,locked the house,went straight into the my den in park,started digging a hole and placed the money ,covered the hole placed a huge stone marked with a nail polish paint which was only visible to me and came back running to my house .With god's grace I reached on time .As soon as I reached ,aunty had arrived .Ma was scolding that she had just now mopped the floor and I had spoiled it with mud marks from my shoe.Her scolding was interrupted as soon as aunty came she asked for keys .Without any pause, I said, I will bring went inside to pretend that I am bringing the keys though it was already in my hands.She snatched it from my hand and rushed to her house.
My intuition was correct.Before Bhatia uncle could arrive people from investigation agency had come to uncle's house .Aunty was trembling with fear.Bhatia uncle came running.His house was turned upside down.The people who were investigating were shouting at them.I was standing outside the door of Bhatia uncle's house witnessing all these things.Aunty just started crying as one of the person went inside the store room.Uncle was sitting with his hands on his head.He said everything is over.Aunty went running to the store room and snatched the mattress from the persons hand.He scolded her and started throwing out everything from inside of the mattress.Aunty was sitting on the floor with her face covered.She was shocked when the person shouted,Sir,there is nothing here also.I knew what they were searching for.I knew where it was.I was not sure what I am doing is right or wrong .Should I save uncle?My heart was saying "Yes" because he has been like father to me since so many years .He has been part of all my happiness and sorrows during my growing years.My head was saying "NO" because, it was wrong .it was unethical and immoral to hide such a thing.But ,looking at Bhatia uncle's innocent eyes and face I thought,Uncle is not bad only the circumstances were bad.Thinking this I followed my heart and kept quiet that day.The investigation team was surprised because they had 100% information that money was in Kabeer Bhatia's house.Aunty just as usual banged the door on my face.The long day ended at last.
One Sunday when I was studying maths from Uncle I scribbled something on my notebook .Uncle was astonished and embarrassed to read what I had scribbled,he read with an expression of  fear ,"I know where the money is ". He looked at me with an expression of question. I told him to accompany me.We
did not speak on the way.I took him directly to place .He was curiously looking at me trying to figure out what I was up to. I was digging the ground. like mad .After an effort of some time, I pulled out the bag with money and handed it over to him.His eyes were moist, he could not say anything except "Thank You". We directly went to muktaangan,a child orphanage, and did an anonymous donation.Uncle knew that this donation could not wash away his sin of doing wrong but he was happy that he will never repeat this mistake in his life.

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