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Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Saga

To break this blogger’s block syndrome I thought of posting today. This weekend was normal, nothing great happened. To kill the boredom we two idiots were bearing each other .one being me and other being my idiot box. During the course of browsing the channels, I came across the second season of Dus Ka Dum. Irrespective of his spoilt brat image and not so successful last few movies, there is something about this six pack muscle man which forces you to watch him. Believe me irrespective of kapoor sisters the only thing to watch in this show was Salman Khan. He has that honesty and wit to hold his audience and force them to listen to him. His humour is just outstanding and any normal man can relate to him.
The other show worth watching was Dance India Dance. Since childhood I have passion for dancing .The participants in this show are treat to eyes. The only shows where you get to see quality Dancing is Boogie Woogie and Dance India Dance. Dance India Dance is one show that has taken Zee TV to new heights and has managed to bridge the TRP gaps with Star plus and Colors. Salman emerged as the winner though Alisha and siddesh were equally good .This is the time when 10% fate comes into picture.
There was finale for Jhalak Dikh laja season 3.Even though Gauhar khan is an exceptionally good dancer the winner was Baichung Bhutia. His victory has not only been backed by improved performance but also the rain of sms’es from his home town .Whatever you do whatever you say India will never get out of this mould of favoritisms. Everyone has a right to have their favorites but favouratism based on color caste and creed is not good for a country. Several women from an organization chipped in with Rs.30, 000 to buy mobile prepaid cards so that they could facilitate 10,000 SMS votes for Bhutia last week. Another campaign was undertaken by a social organization that had set up a massive tent in Sikkim to conduct mass voting. Many booths were also set up in various localities in and around the state and neighboring West Bengal hills to boost Bhutia’s vote count. But, what more can you expect from citizens of a country who cannot elect a good leader for themselves. It is just a Dance show.It is not the politicians who divide us it is our urge to live divided. Though, this time elections results were pretty unexpected. Aam aadmi is awakened now .Indians have stood for secularism .Caste driven state like Bihar and UP has also seen turmoil against regionalism .I hope this ripple effect continues and from now on we elect deserving people in reality shows also and this election was not fluke but something which was consciously done by our people.


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