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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adding a new dimension to my life.

It has been such a long time posting anything on my blog, all thanks to “the mental block”. Please don’t misinterpret it by thinking that right hemisphere of my cerebral cortex has gone on strike. The fact is, there are so many things to share but the days are so dull that I really need 1 lb of chocolates to get myself in a stable state (For those who don’t know : “Levels of phenyl ethylamine are high in chocolate. This chemical helps with increasing the heart rate and stimulates serotonin, dopamine and noradrenalin, all feel-good mood enhancers”). Unfortunately I cannot indulge in this sin since I have not been blessed with those miraculous metabolic system where whatever you eat just satiates your taste buds and leaves no proof of it on your body. To get out of this lethargic phase of my life I thought of making myself so busy that I don’t get time to analyze the complexities of Life. I want to do everything before I die since the most certain thing is the only uncertain thing to be predicted and this uncertainty is the driving force for me to get my hands on everything in my wish list Thanks to Honda Jazz tagline “One Life Why So Serious”. This desire of mine has led me to get enrolled in a driving school. It has jsut been 3 days but I am loving it and I hope by the time I end the course people on road will love it too (sigh!) .I am actually a god fearing person who believes in that, whatever you do in your life, at some point of time, comes back to you-The genius inside me has coined a term for it Boomerang theory .Keeping this in mind I promise to drive safe because someday I will also be walking down the lane.
Apart from acquiring a skill I have been benefited a lot from this.I have started getting up early in the morning.I have stopped fearing the learner vehicles with the driving school board bigger than car .Hey!! This is called as empathy. I have started believing, may be women are not that bad drivers as this male dominant society speaks of.It is a fun filled, adventurous 1 hr class .I bet if you just look at my facial expression during this 1 hr you will think I am driving a fighter plane .Actaully, on day1 when the instructor told me the concept of Accelerator, Break and clutch my genius mind again came into action and I thought damn easy man just like cycle .With right paddle you increase the speed so it is the accelerator .whenever you want to control the speed you just block the left pedal with your leg so that right pedal cannot increase more speed unless you unblock the left so this is the clutch and the breaks in the middle .After a brief payer asking god to save the world from me, I came into action and my eyeballs were rolling in surprise to find that it was not as easy as I was imagining .This is the reason you should not boast in your resume, the skills for which you don’t have a hands on. The tryst began and I took off .I felt so humiliated when found people 1 km ahead to give me way with a fear in their eyes. There was a sense of victory also because these are the people who are in such a hurry that they don’t let me cross the road and I get stuck in a hairline divider for long struggling for my life .The instructor was doing a serious business so was scolding me for every little mistakes I made may be because driving is a life critical project. The clutch break lesson has left a sprained foot for me and. I hope I get the technique right as soon as possible otherwise the sprain will turn into a fracture. Murphy law was in full form today .After coming back to home because of spilled water in my balcony I slipped and my thumb is hurting like hell now.Inspite of all odds I hope after this lessons I end up learning a decent driving. I am not in a hurry to participate in F1 racing .That can be taken up during my next birth after all I should have some interesting things to do in my each birth. With this I am signing off for the day. Wish me luck.


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