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Monday, November 29, 2010

Aaaaah !!! I am back.

[This post was supposed to be posted long back but Blogger servcie was down since last few days so it could not make on time .]

Thanks to everyone for constantly asking about my dead blog every now and then.Either people like my post or they were reminding me that, what was the use of starting a blog when i could not do justice to it .Life has been too dull in recent past to write about anything .I have been struggling to come out of this bloggers block since long time.
Don't even have the zeal to watch television also these days .I wonder what makes aaj tak a news channel .Few of the UTV bloomberg programmes are worth watching.After a long time was thrilled to watch an interview of Shiv Nadar.I hold a special respect for him, one reason being HCL was my first company :-) and other being i respect few of his ideologies .
I have been regular with Big Boss to get a taste of how bitchy people around you can be .Dolly Bindra is one of the her kind who can go to any extent to get the footage .She was horrible and very bad but since the time she has gone Big boss has lost its charm.The best part was her crying sequence after her eviction .C'mon mam, are we fools ? There are many things you get to know when you watch this show .Firstly, people on this earth can go to any extent to earn money .People around you are actually not as good as they pretend to be .Adversity brings out the actual you .How to be calm and composed when you are placed in the ugliest of situation .No matter who you are behaviour is inbuilt .A dacoit from chambal seema parihar has her manners intact amongst all of these civilized people and yes you can find the difference in behaviour that eductaion impart from Sameer Soni who was a high profile Investmenet banker before coming into acting business.The great khali has a misconception that public not vote him out ever .He forgets that people of india dont forgive the god of cricket also if he unfortunately scores a duck someday .Sara khan ,when i see her I think if one serial old person can be so famous then may be i made a wrong carrer choice.I doubt is she so immature that she dosent undersatnd how to maintain her dignity on national television . The best part is why does veena mallik think that we need a pakistani unknown actress to seduce our indian viewers .we have many desi actreess who can do that so please excuse us. Mr.Patel why you have to fall in love with every other women at first sight and then cry on national televison for your innocence because what he is doing now is no less and yes no doubt i guess he will prefer to marry a masseur . Hrisahnt Goswami not much of a trouble maker, just a soft target for our veena ji to maintain the curiosity among viewers as if it makes any diffrence to us.Last not the least the tiwari duo ,Shewta I some how like her becuase of her stand in most of the things. Manoj, netiher I like nor dislike this bhojouri star .He is playing game but what is the big deal he is there inside the house for playing game .So untill and unless he is following the rule there is no harm in playing.BTW, why Big boss had to spend so much money on pamela they could have acheived the same thing by roping in mallika sherawat for less ;-) .
I am happy that first cororepati on KBC is a women .Apart from this there is nothing exciting to catch on televsion .It has been quite long waiting for a good movie .Golmaal 3 -Bad slangs and nonsense dialouges dont make a commedy .Guzarish -good performance but dont know how good the topic was.I doubt ,in a country where majority will not know how to even pronounce euthanasia how far the message will spread .I was not bound to think anything after coming out of movie hall excpet that the movie was not worth Gold class :-( .Something was missing in the movie not able to figure out what.This is my personal opinion .Many have liked the movie so please dont base your prospects of watching it on my opinion.
I am hoping that life gets better with time and I get to watch good movies and good shows .BTW ,I am happy with Bihar poll so hope continues....for a better tommorrow
So guys and gals share your opinion on the current reality show.what you people have been upto ?


Ah.. Today I came to know one thing abt you that you hate Pakistani's.. Don't you?? Anyways.. it was a nice comeback..

From where did you formulate this ? just because I have mentioned veena mallik as pakistani actress and i dont like her dosen't mean that I hate any one based on their country .I have commented on pam .it dosen't mean that i hate brits . I judge people by their action and not country .

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