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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Behaviuor by Sheila O'Flanagan


This is my first novel of Sheila O'Flanagan and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint me. It has a good story line that can be adapted for a masala movie. The best part was novel has been narrated in a very lucid manner. Incidents being described can be very well be related to our usual lives .How ambitions can get in the way of our life. How we mess up with our present life by clinging to the past.

Two best of friends Darcy and Nieve who have grown up together and share every moment of their life together .Both have a very contrasting character. Darcy is very good with numbers and since childhood she has maintained a low key profile so that her friend Nieve could get ahead easily .But she never thought that Nieve will sweep away her boy friend Aiden as well .Men will be Men if they have more than one option they will try to evaluate them against each other.Otherwsie what could be the reason that Aiden in spite of carrying a ring for Darcy did not give her the ring and finally jilted Darcy for Nieve.Their friendship falls apart and then they don’t talk for ten years. Both get into financial firm with a lot of aspirations. So what happens to Darcy? Does she find a new man? Will she be able to forget Aiden after all first love is hard to forget? In these 10 years they are un aware of happenings in each others life
and all of a sudden Darcy receives a marriage invitation from Nieve and Aiden. Why didn’t they get married for so long Will she go ?Will finally Aiden marry Nieve? Nieve has planned a big fat wedding for which she is banking on her stock optionsso will it turn out to be a good decision to bank on stock market which go from Bull to Bear any time. To get what is there in Darcy's and Nieve's life go grab this book. It is worth enjoying.
Rating : 4/5

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