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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zoya Factor

"Zoya factor " a novel by Anuja Chauhan, is definitely a candidature for a a Bollywood masala movie and so it has been  been nailed down bynone other than Sharukh's Red Chillies . Spicy,sweet,enjoyable novel .Though at some places I must admit I skipped the match description :-P .Zoya is a young girl in the field of advertisement wherein her job takes her to meet the Indian cricket team. The common link between Zoya and cricket is that zoya was born on the same day when India had won the world cup.Going with the logic that every 3 minutes a child is born there will be many like Zoya born on that day .Viola! Zoya was born at exact precise moment when the last wicket was grounded off and victory had fallen in our lap. Don’t try to find any logic because there is none There is just superstition called as Zoya factor. Zoya's destiny brings her to the breakfast table of Indian cricket team before a match where she mentions that a year back they had a similar breakfast where the team had won the match.So ,Team never looses a match when Zoya shares the breakfast table and to top it all the person whom she kisses turns out to be man of the match ;-)
So from there starts the luck aka Zoya factor and Zoya is officially tied by cricket board to have breakfast with Indian team so as to help them win the world cup. During all this Zoya developes special feeling for the
Captain of Indian team Nikhil Khoda. He has been portrayed as a real tall dark handsome hero. Actually Dhoni to the core from brown toffee skin to boost add . Narration of Nikhil khoda's character is quite good for any female reader to fall for him. Among this love hate relation ship between zoya and nikhil. There are few characters which we can easily relate to our Indian cricket team heros .
will India will win the world cup or will Nikhil use zoya for winning the cup or Zoya factor will end just on the D-Day .Grab the book for answers to all this questions.Overall its a nice masala movie.A little overly priced.

Overall this books give you a peek to Glamour in advertising,Politics in cricket,Love hate relationship and cricket feaver in this country .
Its a good and recommended read .

I will rate it at 3.5/5 .


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