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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An act of disgust and shame....

After a long time I thought of pouring my heart into my blog. I couldn't refrain myself from writing after coming across Delhi gang rape news. It is disgusting, sickening and sad .Every time I think about it I am unable to understand how a human could behave like this. Every punishment that comes to my mind is not sufficient for this brutal act. My heart goes to the girl who has suffered all this and the very thought of her mother makes me cry. The day she would have born her parents would have started planning for her future without knowing that the girl would have to face this evil world. Nothing can be more painful than seeing your 23 year young girl in such a pain.
Every time this kind of incident happens we start blaming the police .I am not sure that as a citizen are we sensitive enough to deal with this situation if this was the case then the  girl would not  have been lying in such a condition for more that 1 hour in so called "posh area" of Delhi. Most of the Delhi police personnel are busy providing security to the VVIPs of the country. There is no security for the people of so called democratic country.
I am not sure that I should be happy to be a part of a free country for which so many precious lives were sacrificed or I should be sad that it was not worth it.
I don't know why these kinds of incidents have become day to day affair. According to data 635 rape cases has been registered in Delhi in year 2012 .Some would have gone unregistered .Above all none of the accused have been punished . I think the time has come .It is, now or never. I guess our judiciary system against such act is not strict. People are not afraid of consequences as there is nothing much that happens to the accused. Even if it happens, it is too late and too little to change anything in the society. There should be a severe punishment for the accused that person should shiver thinking about the punishment before committing such heinous act.
The latest news says that 4 out of 6 accused have been arrested and one says hang me .He should not be just hanged he should die every minute he lives. Nothing can be more horrific than this. How could they do such thing to another human that too an innocent young girl. Her only fault was that she was a girl and she took a wrong bus. How a human droop to such an extent .It is so sad.
I don't think only rape but any act that is an offence to a women's dignity should be taken very seriously and there should be a serious punishment.
I am not sure if some steps will be taken in this regard because every issue in India is a like water drops on hot pan which will die after sometime. Only solution I see for every problem in this country is forming a committee, talk for some days and then forget about it.
All said and done, Right now the pain that the girl is going through is unimaginable .Any punishment given to those animals will not be able to heal the physical and mental trauma that she is going through and she will have to go from here on. I just pray to god to give strength to her and her parent to fight against this situation. God bless her and her family.
I just await a death sentence for all the 6 accused.


This dastardly act cannot be condoned. Unless there is a drastic change in the attitude of our society towards women, change cannot be expected overnight. We all have a responsibility to be change-makers!

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