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Friday, January 25, 2013

One mistake of Life...

Only two things can keep me going in life..One my work and other Vishnu. Both of these have been an eternal part of my life and I cannot live without any one of them.

Recent promotion at work has created a drift in our relationship. But, I know, it is not something that can affect our love and understanding of 17 years. Vishnu has been my school time love .We have been together since the times when we shared our lunch boxes to assignments .His love has no measure .During our engineering days, there have been times, when, i could not complete my assignment and it was Vishnu who used to submit his assignment on my behalf aware of the consequences that he would score nothing against the assignment. He was least bothered about what professors thought of him. He used to be happy watching me safe and happy.

The only difference between Vishnu and myself was, he didn't wanted career at cost of his family. Vishnu's only concern in his life was his parents and me. His parent yet didn't know about our relationship. It would be difficult for them to accept a Bahu who doesn’t fit in their society. They have not come out of the age old thinking and would not be able to digest the fact that I work and don't wear Sari.

On the other hand I wanted to achieve more and more in life at cost of anything. I loved Vishnu, but, I couldn't live without my work. It was oxygen for me that kept me going.

He has mocked so many times during our talks.. “You know Simmy; if my parents find you in this attire they will not accept you. At least, for first impression just be prepared and learn how to wear a sari.. Later after marriage I will convince them and you can wear whatever you want. But, in the initial meeting itself don’t give them a shock of life time..Missing the importance of situation, I just arrogantly reply, "I am not going to change myself for anyone if they have to accept me they have to do it my way..."After that there was a silence all around..I failed to notice the moistness in Vishnu's eyes..and suddenly he started crying ..I was shocked I bent on my knees to look at his face he was crying like a child..He sobbed, and said, Simmy it is impossible for me to live without you and my parents.I am not asking you to do much..its just that for the first time when you meet my parents wear a sari so that it is easy for them to accept you. Later with time I will convince them for everything. I promise. I know, in last 17 years he has never failed to keep his promise. Honey, don’t worry, I will keep my promise and as you say whenever the day will come I will wear a sari for the first meeting with your parents and with this I tightly embrace him .We hug each other tightly with a promise to be united forever.

Now the life is not same as earlier, we don't go for a date quite often .It has been long when we watched any movie together because my schedule doesn’t allow me to. It has been long when we laughed together or for that matter had a hearty talk with each other.

It's 24th Jan today. The day when he proposed me. It has been 8 years we have been celebrating this day together. I have a business meet and in all this, it is for the first time, my mind did not register this special day...I have a hormonal problem of excessive hair growth. At sometimes if I go without hair removal for long, I can scare a bear .It is such an important day. I can't wear anything smart and stylish for the presentation. I had picked up such a nice short sleeved shirt and pencil skirt for the day but the presentation has been preponded and in stress of completing the presentation I just forgot about my hair removal regime .I have no choice. I have to wear a business suit with a trouser.I have a presentation to make ...the day is hot..Because of jam packed meeting room the temperature seems to be roaring .I am profusely sweating.Shruti, my colleague has asked me so many times to remove my jacket and be comfortable but I cannot explain her my situation...I am profusely sweating and I am not able to concentrate too...All my hard work seems to go in vain..I wish, I had opted for my hair removal..Somehow the meeting gets over. It seems I failed in my presentation...

Meanwhile, Vishnu has been waiting outside my office..I am not picking up the call. I am in middle of my presentation already battling with the situation .He is tensed. He is in hurry. He has no choice. He just leaves a packet with a note with the security desk of my office floor. Its 9:00PM.I am devastated with proceedings of the day. I have just swiped my card at exit .Suddenly, a guard comes running after me "Madam,Koi Vishnu sir chod ke gaye aapke liye"(Madam,some Vishnu sir has left this parcel for you).I just open the note “It says,
Happy Anniversary! Love,
This anniversary is very special for us. My parents want to meet you @9:30 at my place. Remember ,you have a promise to keep…
Cya soon.
Your’s Vish.

I open the parcel. It has a sari....Oh god how did I forget about this special day..I can't wear this....It will scare them to death to find such a hairy hands...Oh ! I wish, I had opted for my hair removal..I have no choice..I go to Vishnu's house in the same business suit with the packet in my hand...Vishnu is shocked and speechless to see me. I am not able to meet my eyes with his parent's I want to say so many things to Vishnu...His parent just storm towards the other room. Vishnu follows them hurriedly....there is some argument going on...but I cannot make out what..Vishnu comes out a teary eye, and, says we are not feeling hungry. If you want you can have the dinner and leave...I get the message and leave from there with a hope that may be tomorrow I can tell him my situation.....But, oh!! I wish, I had opted for my hair removal. Life would have been so different. I would have the luckiest girl in this planet.

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