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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random writing..

These day I have come across a strange thing in Bangalore which earlier was never there.I have come across lot of eunuchs at traffic signal these days.I guess the ritual of eunuchs visiting your house on the happy occasion of marriage ,child birth etc. will come in short while .I still remember the stories that I grew up listening to when I was in Delhi .People used to say it is a bad omen to say no to any demands these eunuchs   made during the occasions.After lot of negotiations both party the giver and taker will settle down for a decent figure that will make everyone happy .In fact,in Delhi you will come across many of them who are just more than what you say as well to do.
I was just wondering that what has made these people to go into such kind of profession and because of ease with which they get the money I think many fake eunuchs have grown in number .Why we as a society have not stopped this.I never see a single place where these people get employed.I have not seen any schools where you find these people as student.Babies are abandoned to live a life of hardship to grow only into a adult who have no purpose in life  or just money making as purpose and do what with that ?What is their fault if they are born like the way they are?I was just wondering why can't they be employed in police force and army ?Who are we to decide what should be a fate of an individual ?Why all basic rights that are given to others are not applicable to them ?I am not sure, but,  is it not a violation of human rights.We always count only female and male when we talk about gender equality what about these people?

Just a random thought that came to my mind.What do you say ?What is wrong and what can be changed ?


there is a footbridge connecting matunga central and west in mumbai..most of the times when i used to cross that bridge i would be invariably waylaid and ripped of money by a gang of eunuchs..dunno talking abbt a decade ago:)

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