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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Extreme Obsession

There were guest last weekend at our house. Actually, one of our relative had come with his daughter who was appearing for COMED examination which is an common entrance for medical and engineering colleges in Karnataka. She has done her preparation by staying in Kota.
During our casual chat she briefed me about the process of preparation that happens when you stay in Kota Students who go to Kota don't attend school for XI  and XII.Their only aim is to concentrate on IIT/AIIMS or colleges in similar category.
I was shocked to hear that students just take admissions in colleges and school for namesake and for XII they don't even have exams and since XII is boards, these schools, which you have never seen make an  arrangement  so that you get an admit card and you just go to center and appear for the board exams .
She is fortunate to be a daughter of a professor so she had taken admission in his college and she could manage to avoid school. Even if you are not kin and kith of a professor you need not worry .The coaching center where you take admission provide you with list of dummy schools where you can get admission and just appear for boards. I was shocked to see the condition of education system in our country and obsession of parents and students. Where is our country heading to? The day the child is born parents have a vision of seeing him/her in IIT/AIIMS.
As a matter of fact, some 35 institutes have mushroomed in Kota which has led to decline in quality of the system.The number of students getting selected has reduced a lot though obsession has not.
I was shocked to know that kids form 6 th standard start going to kota for preparation. I am not sure that kid at age 10-11 will actually know what IIT means .Why such an obsession ?obviously the child at age of 10 can’t be so obsessed so it would be his parents. Why you have to make your kid as source of your unfulfilled desires or a source of showing off to society .Why can’t we concentrate on giving the child good values ,good education and a happy life so that he /she can choose what are their dreams.


If we give all the good values, good education and happy life, it may be too late to pursue in IIT/AIIMS.
Then the kid will ask "Why didn't you do like other parents? Why didnt you send me to Kota? Now, all my friends are in IIT and medical and I am sitting here as a software engineer in a crap company working on Global Corporate Action Systems..."


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