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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


It has been quite long that I left this space and did not even realize that it has been so long.There was a discussion today where someone mentioned you need to break the brick walls to cross it .you can't keep staring at it to move ahead.Comebacks are always difficult because you always find an excuse to procrastinate it.Finally,I am back .I hope to continue the journey uninterrupted .

There is one discussion that I keep coming across most of the times.We always have reasons for not following our dreams.And we always have reasons why some people would have successfully done it.We always feel that grass is greener  on other and we never bother to  know the journey that others would have gone through to achieve their dreams

My take on this is one not doing something is not because of circumstances it is foremost because of  
lack of conviction /drive.Until we don't realize that its just one life ,every second passed is gone.We won't start.I don't think successful people would have made it easily. they would have faced greater challenges & bigger risks .Only thing  that makes a difference if that your dream should overpower you challenges.

Secondly,we are so comfortable in our existing zones that we are scared to loose that comfort.

Since,there is no sense of urgency and so we never bother to take a plunge but the fact is until we don't create a now or never sense of urgency, things will not work.

There can be no external trigger to get  one started it our heart's calling that we need to respond to.

We become what we think-we need to invest time to think about the steps that we need to take to convert our dreams to reality.

There is nothing called as right time ,those are just excuses to pull ourselves back from achieving our dreams .
Also,too many ideas also will not take us anywhere.We need to streamline our goal and idea and just focus one one goal. I need to learn this.This the ultimate success strategy.

Above everything have some fitness goal because healthy body can have healthy mind and that can give tremendous results.

I am also in process of learning these things and hopefully at end of the journey i will have no regrets and would have lived life queen size.


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