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Saturday, February 3, 2018

After a long gap,here I come!

It has been ages since I have written anything in my blog.Its not cool to have a blog and abandon it.Writing has always been therapeutic for me but I don't know when did I strayed away from writing.
I am resuming my blog again today .Writing is the one of the means by which one can connect to oneself..Writing can transport you to different places .It could relieve you emotionally.It a process to vent out your feeling.

Life is too short to waste .It is too short to be critical and judgemental about people Everyone is fighting their own battle in the best of their capabilities .Life and death is certain .Journey in between is what matters and defines you as an individual.With time I have realized you  are as vulnerable as you feel .Feel beautiful,feel strong because there is nothing greater than self worth.Every equation will change with time some will be stronger some will fade but equation with self will always be same.You and only you are solely responsible for your life .Don't find punching bags and reason to off load the out come of your decisions.Take charge of your life .Act now.Because there is no time better than now .Motivation is overrated and commitment is underrated .You might attend hundreds of seminars ,talk ,read thousands of articles but if you are not committed to your goal nothing is gonna happen .People say live big I feel, die big.

One thing that I like about actor/actresses is that they have such an impact that even if they are gone you don't feel their absence.Their work lives ages after that.You tend to forget their physical presence and absence . They live  through their work.That's what human life is meant for .

My quest for finding that purpose begins .Lets make life purpose full.Lets be human.


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