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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Book Review -A Place Called Here -Cecelia Ahern

I always had a desire to start reading books and would normally envy every one who could pursue this habbit.Lately, have staretd reading books and so thought of posting reviews .I hope that I will be get better by time in posting reviews since this is just the start.

From the summary at back of the book I could infer that it would be some detective story which will unfold into an unpredictable ending.Somehow the ending did not meet my expectations. .Sandy Short is a girl who has just one goal in life i.e. to find  anything to every thing .I could relate to Sandy in one aspect ,since childhood I have also been very desperate in finding things if they get lost eihter it be socks ,pencils ,tooth brush to  school diary .I am unable to rest peacefully untill I do not trace the  missing things.Fortunately, I am not  haunted by this habbit  and so did not end up in starting a missing person agency as Sandy did .It all started with Sandy when her class mate Jenny-May Butler vanished.As a part of her professional assignment she gets in touch with Jack Ruttle  to find his missing brother Donal .When Sandy did not turn up for a scheduled meeting with Jack ,he desperately starts searching  for Sandy .To his surprise no body belieives him that Sandy has gone missing since this has been her usual behaviour   .Where did Sandy go ? What is the place like ?Could she find Jenny-May? Could Jack find Donal?How did Sandy get back home ? Answers to all this question lies in the book . The writing style of the author is good and simple for understanding but the story did not appeal to me a lot becuase of its predictable ending .The imagination is very good .The start of the story is good but in between the content could not keep me glued and inquisitive .I could very well predict the ending .For me it was an average read. I will rate it as 2.5/5 .

Next in queue is Review for Bad Behaviour By Sheila O'Flanagan


hi nice review .. but it was difficult to read it coz of the small text. Keep writing reviews. I write reviews myself . at my blog http:\\
hope u enjoy

Hi!! Karan,Thanks for your comment.Will ensure to change the font size starting next post.

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