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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bangalore Calling - Brinda S. Narayan


After a long time, I have come across a simple yet unique book from an Indian author that doesn’t talk about IIT’s or IIM's .It is unique in the way how 15 different stories has been created with a common backdrop-Callus, A call centre which attracts youngster with minimal qualification to meet their aspiration of quick money. Interesting part is that the book touches every possible character that a call centre can have from driver, agents, admin, housekeeping trainer to CEO .People working in Call centre will totally relate to
the story and people like us working for IT will relate to the system. It depicts how complex it is to adapt a different culture without loosing your own in a country like India where people come from different part with varied mother tongue, How to live a false identity as a call centre employee, How difficult it is to be polite with impolite customers, what it takes to train people for adapting such culture. How difficult it is to deal with the competition that comes because of similar kind of business running around. There is no wrongs and rights in the story it’s just the situation and different people in different kind of situation.

The beauty of the writing is though the characters are related the backdrop is same still you get to read 15 different stories which are interconnected yet different. The writing is simple and crisp yet well researched so as to match the business to the core .The book manages to keep us engaged Reader will never get bored saying same old story .It is a worthy read to get a feel of corporate culture and what it takes to be a part of it.


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