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Friday, September 16, 2011

Childhood stories

This one is for you chotu. This is Thank you and tell you "Ek hazroein mein meri behna hai ".

These days on star plus a new serial is about to start -"Ek hazroein mein meri behna hai ".I think if you ask any  two sisters of indian origin they would have sung this song 100 times .Every time I see this promos I get nostalgic thinking of our childhood days .We were just two  sisters happy in our own world with clsoed boundaries where no one else was allowed.We never went to any park or any activity centre or thought of having friends .For us world was  two of us and our mom and dad. Just thought of recalling back those good old days and the things which we as sisters did together.Being elder to mys sister by 4 years I am surprised that how did I live without her for the initail 4 years .To my surprise I dont remember any incident of those initail 4 years .All I remember is my life after she was born.I still have a faint memory of me visiting the hospital the day she was born .I wan envious of her since she was lying beside my mom.So silently I had gone and bitten her thumbs .After that I dont remember how and when did she become an integeral part of my life .These are few things that I remember as a part of my child hood memories

1) I used to call her Chotu as she was younger and she used call me Didu
2)She use to tie my shoe laces ,iron my school dress (lets not talk about child labour here) .
3) We used to create a small tent with a bhagalpuri cream colured cover sheet with a carrom board as one wall and actuall wall as the other wall for the tent .We used to play inside for hours with our dolls and kitchen set.
4)During our summer vaccations we used to cut ,stitch ,draw .Mine creation used to always land in dustbin because by the time I could finish ,I  could find numerous flaws which used to lead me to take drastic step of destroying its existence.My sister with dilligence used to take every task to  completion.
5) For some 2 years I was in hostel at madhupur .She used to keep some hajmola in her fist tigtly secured and used to hand me while leaving .All half melted and crushed  but it was her  love and care that she used to hand it over to me without fail.
6) once we were lying side by side on a cot . I was chewing gum and somehow devil inside me prompted to chew her hair along with the gum .The entire gum got stuck to her hairs and her hair had to be cut .So a bunch of hair used to stand like antenna on her head but still i dont remember anytime did she complain about it.
7)We used to eat together .During our initial years She used to eat less maggi and I used to get larger share .She used give me aloo of samosa to me similarly she used to give me the yolk of egg .But suddenly as few years passed we used to equally divide our maggi.Even a single noodle could not be compromised.She had devloped her negotiation skill .For aloo she needed the outer cover of samosa for yolk she needed the white of egg an I was surprised by my loss.
8) As I grew up and pressure of studies increased .Even getting up for a minute was a waste of time for me so even for  glass of water chotu was there .I needed any book I used to just sit and tell chotu to find out from the book rack and bring it to me .The anatomy diagram of for my Bio lab was drawn by chotu and mummy.I have done my Graduation in Electronics and my sister has done Engg in Electronics .By the time she started her Engg. course she was all ware of all the books for electronics. :-) 
9)We used to skate by throwing talcum powder all over the floor and wipe it before papas's arrival from bank.
10) We used to complete our entire mathematcis syllabus during our summer vacation .(courtsey papa).
11) However good or bad our exams were mummy used to always treat us after our last exam .
12) My sister used to religiously  come and meet me during lunch hours during school days.
13) Even if she had exams ,she used to accompany me if I wanted to eat golgappas though she never used to eat .

These are the few things which I remember for now .I am sure every one will have these kind of stories.Share your child hood stories and relive the past.


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