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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bitter Truth

One of the usual morning I was on my way to office .During office hours, if,  I deviate even for few seconds from my regular timings, I am bound to get stuck in a traffic jam. It was one of these days where in I was stuck for an indefinite amount of time. While going to office I board an auto from my place .Since it has been quite long travelling in these autos, I have a silent contract with these guys where in they already know my destination and I already know the fare. Since both autowallah and me were the victim of the situation where in we were stuck at a position that neither we could go back nor move forward. To ease the situation he started conversing with me .

AW: Madam, you are late today .Is it a problem ?

Me: No. Once in a while its ok.

AW: How does your boss tarck your time of entry and have a register.

Me:No.Our company dosen’t follow this so stricyly.

AW:Don’t fool me I know you have swipe cards

Me: :-P

AW:what if you are everyday late. No one will say anything

Me: Every day it could be a problem. My manager might ask .

AW: If your manager comes every day late

Me: I guess, it is ok for him

AW: After a pause…...Madam that’s why you should have studied harder and should have joined at manager position. Why didn’t you study well. If you would have studied well then no one would have asked you for anything.

Me: :-O (Truth is bitter)


I think to become manager, you have to study less !!!

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