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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why "It's Diffrent" ?

There has been a lot of stir over the new Aamir Khan show “Satyamev jayate”. The show has been highly appreciated .Some people have an opinion that there are other shows also of same nature, so, may be brand Aamir has made the impact. I don’t agree with this. Undoubtedly, Aamir brand has its own benefit but in my opinion it could be more.

1) The concept and the format of the show was suspense till the time its first episode was aired.

2) The show timings has been perfectly chosen .It has been an intelligent idea to revive the old and dying slot which during our childhood was filled with Doordarshan(Ramayana&Mahabharata).

3) The show is not criminal centric it is victim centric where in if you see the criminals are not even shown on the screen. Their faces are blurred.

4) The topics are very common topics that have been going around us since ages but we are too busy to acknowledge them.The topics being aired till date are on female foeticide,child abuse, Dowry system

5) The episodes has been able to strike the right notes with the audience .Aamir seems to be emotionally involved and not superficially hosting the show which can be attributed to his ability to connect with all kind of people.

6) The show has been well researched .The effort that has been gone into this can be seen from the facts and figures being presented.

7) If you notice, Aamir, without fail, will translate English dialect to Hindi , even if, it is a single word from the guests,so that the point doesn’t get lost and it reaches all his audience.

8) To reach audience from every part of country it has been dubbed and is being simulcast on doordarshan in different languages like Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu,It is the first show in history of Indian television to be aired simultaneously on private channel network (Star) and national broadcaster Doordarshan.

9) Finally, It is not just a show for TRP, it is a show to change the mindset. Jab dil pe lagegi tab hi baat banegi …..


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