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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another brick in the wall...

Today was a special day .Special because; it was different .Different, because it was one of the days of vella panti. Unfortunately, my brain goes to hibernation as soon as it senses it has no work. This leads to a lethargic me.pheeew! These days there is nothing much happening in life to be ecastic about but a happy soul like me always find a reason to smile.Normally, I never have an option other than going back home and concentrating on finding some means of survival, in my fridge i.e. getting ready for preparing the dinner. Cooking is my second passion first being shopping ,so I don’t believe in shortcuts as far as food is concerned .Today I was leaving bit early . So life was giving me option to pursue my first passion. Sigh! This was the reason of my happiness.
Main apni sabse favorite hoon (courtesy Karenna Kapoor).I love being with myself .Its not that I hate hanging around with people but even if I don’t have a company, life seems to be as perfect as it should be.
I was heading to my mission “shopping” after a not so hectic day .But Alas! Indra devta had something else planned for me .He just poured his blessing on to me in the form of rain. I believe this is God’s favorite pass time, to conspire against my wishes. Till now my lips which were symbolizing mathematical union got transformed into intersection .I had no other choice other than taking shelter under the bus stop. I don’t exactly remember from where but, during my childhood I had heard one story (I don’t guarantee the authenticity) .It goes like, we will come across all the people whom we have met during our previous birth. The bus stop was jam packed .But I managed to scan all the faces just to check whom all did I meet in my previous birth.
There was not a single auto and more over I just hate these autowallahas in Bangalore. They don’t understand that we also work equally hard to earn a single penny. Above all, you go to any place in the city they will charge you some 20 or 30 Rs extra giving a reasoning that they will have to come back empty all the way .Commo’n what do they expect that wherever I go I should keep a person arranged who can come back in his auto so that he doesn’t feel lonely. Grin!!
Anyways, after a long 40 minutes wait when it was drizzling I decided to move ahead towards my home but boy! It started raining like cats and dogs .I was drenched. Now what I fear the most happened, I sneezed .oh!! No, it is better to have fever than to have cold and cough, I just hate those drainy eyes and unmanageable nose. Again I had to take shelter in a shop.The shop had an asbestos roof .The rain was falling chama cham cham, It was music to my ears .I had started loving it ,I told you happy souls like me find reason to smile. Then I realized what a lovely day it was .oh!! I didn’t notice there was smell of wet mud .I love that smell, I guess this is universally loved fragrance. I have heard that scotch also tastes the same .I have a hidden desire of tasting it. Sigh!! Hope some non alcoholic beverage is launched with same flavor before I get my hands dirty .After a 30 minutes wait in this novelty shop ,I had to surrender my ego to the circumstances and I waved to an auto wallah who dropped me at my doorsteps .
To make my day complete I enjoyed pyaz ke pakore with adrak wali chai made by the second best chef in this world .No prize for guessing its me ,first being my mom .
All in all it was a good day because all is well that ends well.


Didu have u joined any self appreciation club...Mummy is the best cook..and I do vouch for that u are the second best cook but except for 1 thing which even chandan makes better then u..(My BAMBINO).U have been trying very hard since last 3 years to get that correct.:P
BTW bachna aie hasinon ab hum bhi khana pakane lage hain ...So ppl now tighten ur shoe laces..I am coming to India with my special culinary skills. :D...BTW kal Biryani banayi thi and waah agar coding ke liye ungliyan imp ni hoti toh main usse bhi kha chuki hoti... :D
Waah Waah kya biryani thi.

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