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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Women's Addiction

When anyone speaks of addiction the first thing which comes to my mind is smoking .Not going by statistics ,I somehow feel this addiction is more prevalent in males .Have you ever thought of what is the most common addiction among the fairer sex. Being a female it was bit easier for me to identify that we women are addicted to "Purse/handbag”, call them whatever you like .Surprised! Initially, this thought was a surprise for me too .But honestly speaking, more than a necessity, it is an addiction for us and style quotient for many, like me .We carry our world in it .You can find everything inside it of archaeological interest from old grocery list to phone numbers, addresses, brochures, fliers, all kind of wanted and unwanted scribbling . It requires a whole day to organize the clutter. Bigger the size, smaller it seems .To save time on finding required thing at required time I think, I should maintain a separate list of all the dumped treasure of mine. Every time when I plan a detoxification regime for my purse, I take an oath that from now on I will tear off unnecessary items .To my surprise as soon as I get a next opportunity to comply with my oath somehow, I forget my oath and again make a museum into my purse. Sometimes I am really happy about the possession I have ,because last time while cleaning my purse I got a Pizza Hut bill ,it reminded me of the day when mom and myself had gone to Pizza Hut of Sector 18 ,centre stage mall,Noida to celebrate my first salary . I understand that we are genetically programmed to have all our beauty enhancements from hand brush to lipsticks to perfumes, in our purse but I fail to understand why we have to put all the shopping receipts into it. We are so possessive about our relationship with our purse that, sometimes though willing, we do not leave them because we cannot betray them .Love them or hate them the fact is we cannot live without them! Don't you think this addiction is more intensive than smoking .But one thing is great about this addiction they are not injurious to health.


I guess there willl be enough space for chocolates to do community service :-)


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