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Thursday, May 28, 2009

For every problem under the sun,
There is a solution or there is none.
If there is one then go for it.
If there is none then forget it

These lines have always been in back of my mind through all this years.
I always wanted to follow this but somehow, I believe my conviction to abide by was not strong and so every trivial thing in this world used to bother me.
God has his own way to teach us .So he tought of putting me into the hardest of trials he could think of .I am happy that I am in his list of favorites because it’s a belief that he tests those, whom he loves the most .Though its not easy to handle his way of showing the affection. With so many problems around and such a small life to live it’s bit difficult to worry about all the bad things happening and easy to relish all the good things happening.
Life is not that complicated if you stop analyzing and start living it .Worrying is just a habit, a bad one .So friends get rid of it and you will be happy for ever. What has to happen is bound to happen but worrying and suffering is the choice we make .Everyone has their share of problem but its just matter of perception that brings you out of it .Life gives you lemon, its in your hand to make lemonade out of it .Problems and experience are the best teacher they make you strong and enhance your endurance. Dare to dream and dare to fulfill it .Follow your heart because eyes give you sight but heart gives you insight. Follow the compass not the clock. Count the steps taken rather then steps to be taken. Life is wonderful if you know the art to live it. Just ROCK ON!!
No Bakwas,
Seedhi seedhi baat,
Zindagi hai khas,
Raho Bindaas.
Zindgai ka kya bharosa,
De jaye kab ye dhoka,
Chodo na koi bhi mauka
Har ball pe maro chuaka.
Mushkil to aani jani hai
2 pal ki zindagani hai
Jo jee le is pal ko wo hi
raja aur rani hai.


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