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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A real and imaginary make complex …

It has been 2 days of break from blogging. Attributing the disappearance to, lack of ideas worth sharing. In the struggle for finding a topic I realized an interesting thing, most of us are suffering from what I call, multiple personality syndrome. It was getting complex to bring in an idea that could make my blogs as interesting as the top rated blogs and for that I was loosing on my thinking capabilities. Additionally, I was trying to camouflage my ideas that could not reflect the real me. This thought, triggered a question by my inner me, do I really know who exactly I am? Most of time we really forget who we really are. We surrender ourselves to our stronger opponent “the circumstances”. Then, we start convincing ourselves that perhaps this is what we indeed are. This is point where life becomes pointless and the self destruction begins. We loose on the mere objective of life. We suppress our needs to become real through out our life time, to pursue what we are told to be in our best of interest.

Since childhood majority of us are forced to be all rounders so that it can give our parents a social boost. This leads to a “matured” child .But my worry is, immaturity is essence of being a child .Why are we challenging the very behavior of being a child? This is biggest problem our society is facing right now.We have children who are not old enough to be adults and so matured that they are not young enough to be child. Above all, we are deceiving them by giving them a false hope of having a happy life in long time. But Alas! in all this we forget one thing they did not learn what being happy is,because they never had an opportunity to be so .They have ceased to be happy .They are happy to please you ,you as a parent ,you as a society and you who has created so many human robots.
Then comes the phase when we have to traverse the road ahead in life in search of true love, perfect marriage, and satisfying job. In search of true love we come across someone who is visually appealing .Then we try hard to metamorphose ourselves to a person of his/her like. Subsequently, we are happy to live a masked life.

Then we start struggling to find our means of living .In doing so we forget our passion, we forget what we are best at and just start believing in what people want us to believe. We do everything to make others happy .Everyday I find people, including me, cribbing about the work, the circumstances etc. But, few have the gut to follow their heart.

But have we ever stopped to think for how long we can pretend to be who we are not? Imitations tend to loose the shine .The cracks will start appearing and this is the beginning of end. Before it’s too late, start living your life your way .Happiness will follow thereafter. Enjoy and be happy because, life is too short to be sad.

BTW, as suggested by the best critic of my blog, Gaurav(He is the one who enlightened me with an idea to start Blogging), I have made a first attempt to get out of the “ME” centric posts .Friends please feel free to pour in your comments !!!


I had few goals since childhood..I think one of the goals of my life is accomplished... getting these lines from ur blog "start living your life your way .Happiness will follow thereafter. Enjoy and be happy because, life is too short to be sad." is the most amazing thing which has happened to me since few months....People who would have known this girl since many years would be seriously shocked to read this post..Life is amazing and seriously sometimes miracle happens. :D

I think most of us know who we really are.. But I guess we like to put on a mask for the world to perceive differently.. Some may even call it living in self denial.. Others may call it hope..a hope to do better than what we really putting on the mask we hope to archive things which we know is very difficult otherwise..The mask gives us strength to carry on, keeps us motivated.. gives us a hope to continue..hmm may be its not that bad.. after all we all like to have hope don’t we..

Ravi,being bette in whose eyes is a question becuase if betterment is for onself then no mask is required.Things tend to be difficult if you try too ahrd for but if you love something it comes naturally becuase you are passionate about it.Mask cannot give you the inner strength its a mirage that keeps you dragging in a hope that you are meeting everyones expectation . Dont you think life would be much easier and world will be a lovely palce to live if d we ont push ourselves hard to prove onself to others.

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