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Monday, May 25, 2009

Is pyaar ko mein kya naam doon

I was going through my orkut profile which has not been updated since ages. Contrast to my general behavior of getting bored too soon by anything which is constant, I am surprised how I did I forget this. Am I behaving abnormal these days? Anwyas will save my abnormalities for some other post. While going through the profile I came across one of attributes “five things you cannot live without” .I have read many of profiles with witty answers .But somehow the only thing which came into my mind (apart from inevitable necessities like air, water, food) was “GOOGLE”. In my scariest of dream I cannot think a life without Google. Majority of the software industry will come to a halt if the developers are devoid of their basic rights of googling. I think my blood has RBC; WBC and google .It has helped me out in every thick and thin of my life. From potpourri to fashion, I have just one genius to consult just a click away and that is google. The other day papa and myself were talking about exercise regime .We both bought treadmills together, actually we love being competitors .I could do nothing other than laugh when he told me that even though he works hard he is not able to get the six packs abdomen .so he asked me to google out the ways in which he can get those. In month of January my mother had undergone a major surgery .She was advised bed rest .One day she called me saying “I am fed of lying in this bed. Can you please google and find out how many days it takes to recover after the surgery? one of chotu’s friends who has completed his MBBS called up complaining that his patients come so prepared by googling their symptoms that it is becoming difficult for him to handle .I know many of us have tried the alternate solutions to Google, I don’t comment on how good or bad they are but one thing is sure Google is in our blood now and it is inevitable to live without it.Welcome to Google World and Don’t be evil.


And think of our plight when any thing which we google is blocked by our esteemed companies.Every time I click on a link on assembler after getting it from google search I get a websense message saying I have tried to view some unauthorised site..since when has assmebler become obscene.. :(

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